Firm Overview

Every client's goals are unique.  Every case is different.  Loutit Law knows routine to catastrophic workers' compensation - from all sides. 

Injured workers often turn to television and the internet for help, answers, and legal advice. Business owners stunned by enormous fines for failure to carry workers' compensation insurance often seek quick solutions so that they can return to running their businesses.  Too many times, both end up at large firms speaking to office staff with limited or no access to their attorney.  

Loutit Law takes a different approach.  Each client receives hands-on, personalized attention from an experienced workers' compensation attorney that only a small, specialized firm can deliver.  Clients receive their attorney's personal cell phone number to call or text any time, at any hour, for any reason.  

The firm's roots began two decades ago at an established Wilmington law firm.  Years of litigation experience - on both sides of the courtroom and as a former Commissioner and Chief Deputy Commissioner of the North Carolina Industrial Commission - drives everything the firm does each day for clients  Today, Loutit Law delivers large firm capabilities and institutional knowledge of North Carolina's workers' compensation system within a boutique law firm setting focused on the unique needs and goals of its clients.  The firm serves Eastern North Carolina from Wilmington to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

Loutit Law tries its own cases and does not refer clients out to other law firms when settlement negotiations deadlock.  The firm advises clients when an appropriate settlement may present itself as the best alternative to trial.  Most cases are handled on a contingency basis where clients pay no fee unless a payment is recovered.

Let experience go to work for you.  Call (919) 355-3000 or click here for a free case review.